Keeping Schools Open
& Children Safe

April 2021

It's a year since Covid-19 struck and it has been a disruptive school year to say the least. With vaccination available shortly, but only to adults, what lies ahead for our school going children? 'Keeping Schools Open & Our Children Safe' - could this be achieved? There's no certainty in this unprecedented health crisis, but we have to start somewhere and more brains is better than one.  

What Are We Really Doing to Protect Our Children

October 2020

Navigating COVID-19 Second Wave: What Are We Really Doing to Protect Our Children?’. Moderated by television personality Daphne Iking, the speaker line-up for the first episode of this series consisted of Daisy Ng, Founder of Trinity Kids Malaysia; Dr Ng Yi-Ki, paediatrician at Baby & Beyond Clinic; and Wong Chui Ling, entrepreneur and television/radio host.

Life after MCO

May 2020

A webinar regarding post-MCO recommended best practices, from a school's perspective and from a workplace/ public place perspective. We have invited Dr. Lai Chin Wei (Deputy VC, University of Malaya), Dr. Ng Yi-Ki (Paediatrician), Mr. Jason Kuan (Founder of SmartCoat) and our Founder, Daisy Ng, to join us on this panel discussion. We talked about the mental and social adjustments we had to make after 2 months of relative isolation.