Gifted Kids Asia is a group created within the Plan TNG Education Group. The mission of the research arm is to study topics in education, child development and education matters.

Our Story

About Gifted Kids Asia

A mother of 3 kids, Chief Education Officer of Trinity Kids & author of awards-winning child development books,
Daisy Ng, founded GiftedKids.Asia with the desire to help parents' optimise and realise their child's potential
with resources & solutions within their reach. Her interest in optimised intelligence was sparked by her firstborn
who uttered her first words at 1 month old, discovered to have perfect pitch and subsequently accepted
at John Hopkins program for talented and gifted kids.

Daisy first shared her findings and experience in her books, Right From The Mind and Right from The Start.
Giftedkids.Asia is born out of her passion to raise her children of optimised intelligence
and to help other parents do the same.

Made with Love

Award-winning programme

We strive to do our best alongside parents
because we believe in raising Gifted Kids
and future leaders capable of displaying
high emotional intellect beyond academia.

What We Do

Short Courses Online

As we recover from the unprecedented global pandemic, kids are moulded around the new schooling environment shaped by new and emerging policies to keep our kids safe and to keep schools open.

We offer short courses for parents who are seeking to make informed decisions based on the nuances that are emerging among families:

- Parents juggling work and schooling from home
- Limited physical activities and enrichment classes
- Adapting to temporary school closures
- Balancing digital and physical curriculum
- Planning and budgeting for higher education

Our goal is to share our research to help you cultivate your child's intellect by optimising their intelligence across various disciplines through holistic education and development. 

  ✔  Cognitive       ✔  Social       ✔  Emotional       ✔  Physical


  ✔  Cognitive 
  ✔  Social
  ✔  Emotional
  ✔  Physical